Why you should consider subcontracting :


1.  To conserve capital

2.  To improve cash flow.

3.  To free funds for investment in design, development, and marketing.

4.  To provide access to specialized assembly and test equipment that manufacturers could not jParamount Electronics ustify owning.

5.  To cope with cyclical changes without carrying extra inventory and overheard through periods of reduced production.

Systems manufacturers are overlooking a viable approach to cutting cost if they are subcontracting electronic operations only in over-flow situations.  Subcontracting should be thought of as an approach that frees resources for use elsewhere and allows your firm to improve productivity and profitability.  This is a management philosophy that is shared by leading growth oriented firms in all fields of the electronic industry.  An area in which we have seen a significant amount of subcontracting is the assembly of printed circuit board subsystems, wire harnessing, design, and engineering.

Building an efficient production line for circuit board assembly and wire harnessing requires a significant investment in time, space, and money.  Manufactures must purchase expensive capital equipment, lease or buy facilities, hire and train employees.  In addition, maintenance of production lines requires extra overhead during periods of reduced production, putting unnecessary stress on the company.  Subcontracting saves the strain on profits, morale, and quality that sudden expansion or contraction of business can cause.

Companies that realize the importance of concentrating their resources in other areas such as marketing, research, and development are turning to Paramount for specialization in assembling tele/communication cables, wire harnesses, and electromechanical final assembly.  Paramount maintains capital equipment, and other in-house capabilities that manufacturers cannot justify owning.

Manufacturers looking for assembly firms should be sure the one they choose is well equipped and has a long-range commitment to professional management.  Today, because subcontracting is such an important part of an expanding company’s success, top level management should now be involved in deciding which assembly house to use.  The management staff at Paramount is not only experienced, but also well informed, involved, and concerned with the specific needs of their customers.

Paramount is consistently expanding to keep up with the demands of the electronic industry.  You can feel confident that Paramount is committed to maintaining its reputation of high quality and excellent service.


Design, Fabrication, Assembly, Final Assembly, Engineering, Testing of Wire Harnesses, Cable Assemblies, Electro-Mechanical Assemblies, and Printed Circuit Boards.

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