Capabilities:Paramount Electronics

1.  Wire cutting

                A)  Eubank:  Discrete wire cutter

                B)  Eubank:  Ribbon cable and heat shrink tubing cutter

                C)  Artos:  Cord set cutter

                D)  Eubank:  Bulk cable cutter

2.  Discrete Wire or Mass Terminating

                A)  Capable of crimping terminals, lugs, contacts for:  Amp, Berg, Burndy, Molex, I.T.T., Amphenol and many other various manufacturers

                B)  IDC assemblies using 3M, T & B, Amp, Berg, Molex, or Panduit components

3.  Bulk Cables and Coax Specialists

                A)  Specialized machinery and tooling to reduce costs of manufacturing

4.  Electro-Mechanical Assembly

                A)  Pneumatic wrenches and screwdrivers available for all hardware

                B)  Quality suppliers for metal forming and hardware subcontracting

5.  Molded Cables Assemblies

                A)  Custom integrated connector housings for cable assemblies

                B)  Multiple step molding operations

                C)  RFI/EMI shielding

6.  Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Automated Soldering

                A)  Automated soldering machinery for thru-hole PCBs

                B)  Oven, Stencil printer, and IR rework station for SMT PCBs

                C)  Automated lead trimmer and lead formers

7.  Testing and Quality Assurance/Quality Control

                A)  Automated Cable Scan testers for open, short and miswires

                B)  Documented quality control procedures

                C)  Statistical process control

8.  Consignment or Purchased Inventory

                A)  Customer supplied parts or Paramounts

                B)  Build to print with MRP/inventory control computer assistance

9.  Computer System for Quick Information Access

                Order Entry, Inventory, Capacity, Scheduling, Planning, Receivables, Payables

10.  Design Assistance

                A)  From conception through manufacturing

11.  Qualified U.L and C.S.A. supplier


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         UL & CSA certified label services                                

         JIT manufacturing                                                   

         On-Time deliveries

         SPC & Six Sigma Quality Programs 


The Electrical, Computer, Telecommunications, Industrial, Robotics, Test, Defense, Aerospace, Medical, Retail, Security, Marine, Air Conditioning, and Gaming industries.











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TELECOMMUNICATIONS CABLES 100% tested assemblies, guaranteed on time deliveries and commitment to client service keeps us at the forefront of the industry. 

 Voice & Data Cables 

RJ11/RJ45 Jumpers


 RS232, RS422, RS449 Assemblies

 V.35 Assemblies

 Null Modem Cables

SCSI-1, SCSI-2, HIPPI Cables

 IEEE 488 Assemblies

Telco Cables

Hydra & Octopus Fanout Assemblies


For over 25 years Paramount Electronics has been respected for quality and service.  Our technical expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques ensure our clients of the best quality at the most cost effective pricing.

 Local Area NetworkCables

 IDC Cable Assemblies

Data Grade RJ11/RJ45 Fanout Cables 

Ethernet Cables (Thin, Standard, and 10-Base-T)

Coaxial Cables 

IBM Compatible Token Ring Assemblies

Extender Cables

Wrap Plugs, Terminators & Gender Changes

Printer Cables

Buss & Tag Cables

Mini-Coax Cables

FDDI Assemblies

Disk Drive Ribbon Cables

Custom Power Cables


Whether it's custom cable manufacturing or electro-mechanical assembly, every project and every customer, is equally important to us.

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Custom Molded Cables

Special Length Cables 

Electrical Wire Harnesses

Quick-Turn Assemblies

Molds Designed to Specifications

Turnkey Assemblies

Purchased or Consigned Material

Product Manufactured to Your Design

Competitive Pricing


Printed Circuit Boards (Thru-hole & SMT)

Hand Soldering Specialists

Tin Dipping Operations