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Paramount manufactures assemblies in a complete range of sizes and complexities and is equipped to meet the needs of both small and large industries, conforming to either commercial or military specifications.  Modern electronic and mechanical test equipment is used to thoroughly test all products.

Cables Assemblies

Paramount is able to supply cables of any type and quantity.  We have extensive experience working with pre-formed ribbon multi-conductor cable, woven or taped multi-conductor twisted pairs, jacketed multi-conductor cables, planar and extruded jacketed cable, with or without shielding, for use with insulation displacement connectors and all varieties of coaxial cabling.

Harness Production

Paramount is a full capabilities harness production facility where our drafting skills provide us with the ability to set up any job.  Our harness capabilities range from two leads to hundreds of leads with 6 AWG to 32 AWG wire of varying types.  We are equipped to secure terminals by a variety of methods using all popular trade name connectors.  Paramountís up-to-date equipment includes automatic machinery for wire cutting, stripping, terminating, soldering and debraiding.

Molded Cable Assemblies



Paramount can provide you with the ability to choose a more cost effective means of purchasing cable assemblies both for RFI/EMI shielded ad non-shielded applications over the old assembled hood method.  In fact, not only will there be a cost decrease in your purchased cable assembly due to the savings from the high price hood components, but there will also be a higher reliability in the life performance of the cable.

With an assembled shell, the push and poke home terminals, normally used in the industry, are allowed to float in the housing without much restraint and could push out in the backward direction causing field failures in case of an improperly aligned mating connector, or after multiple connections with the mating connector.  The molded cable, on the other hand, has a restraining device inheritant in its two step construction process.  With the first shot of polypropylene, the wires and terminals in the connector are engulfed with material that hardens into a rigid form surrounding both, and restraining their ability to push back out of the connector unlike the assembled shell method.  The second shot of polyvinyl chloride is one for appearance and exterior form only.  A trade name, logo, or part number could be displayed here.

Depending on your choice of cable assembly performance, the PVC layer may, or may not, cover a layer of shielding copper tape that completely surrounds the first polypropylene layer, the top of the connector shell, and the cable shield where it is bonded to each, and on all seams, by solder beads.  With this method the copper tape creates a 360 degree perfect shield around the wires preventing the penetration of EMI/RFI signal interference.  Thus, the copper shielding with PVC overmold (from cable shield connector face) acts as a complete substitute for the costly EMI/RFI metal hood!

As more of your assembled shell cable products are placed into the field, the chances of field failures increases and so does the cost of your products.  Paramount is offering you the opportunity to explore with us the ability to use a cost-effective, highly reliable alternative for your future cable assembly needs. 

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Paramount has both thru-hole and SMT PCB soldering and cleaning equipment to complement our assembly operations and now offer you a full service PCB assembly source to satisfy your needs.  Paramount will provide you service!  Paramount will translate your design into the actual purchase of sourced components, inventory these components for you, and assemble, solder and test your boards per your specifications.

In line with our past years of experience in both assembly manufacturing and soldering, we will assure you your board assemblies will be delivered on time and of the highest quality capable of being achieved.  Paramountís receiving inspection will scrutinize your sourced components to your prints; our on-line manufacturing quality assurance will check all details of your assembly routings; in-process quality and statistical process control implementation will allow for the minimization of error and maximization of quality throughout the automated soldering process, and final inspection and point-to-point test will insure the highest quality of out-going product to your facility.  With all of these process control systems in place this should assure you of reliable PCB subcontract assembly that will save you time and money in reducing PCB returns for rework.  This will allow you to deliver your product on time and with the assurance of quality.

Electronic/Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

In the electronic assembly field, our design and engineering experience is broad enough to process any size order on short notice.  We also have the ability to perform prototype/development work to meet individual customer needs requiring solutions to specific electrical or mechanical problems.

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