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About Paramount Electronics:

Paramount has a great deal to offer when making your companyís subcontract purchase decisions.  Serving the electronics industry for over twenty years, Paramount specializes in subcontract work offering you:

100% Reliable Assemblies

At Paramount, every assembly is tested and inspected 100% to assure the highest possible quality.  Every assembly is manufactured to your exact specifications.  The perfect working condition of every assembly inserted into your product is guaranteed, reducing your costs on assembly line rejects.

Quality control systems are instituted for each new product to document and resolve problem areas.  The most up-to-date quality assurance and control techniques are employed throughout the manufacturing process from receipt of raw materials through final specialized packaging and delivery instructions.  Paramountís ultimate goal is to supply its customers with the highest quality product available.

Meeting Our Delivery Commitments  

Paramount understands the importance of meeting your delivery requirements.  With our modern production equipment, progressive manufacturing technique, volume inventory, and sizable production staff, Paramount assures you of on time delivery of your subcontract assemblies.  Orders are initiated as soon as they are received, turning your request into a finished product on schedule.  Our inventory control system, coupled with an examination of every assembly assures us of an adequate raw material inventory.  In many instances, we stock special components and material to insure delivery on small repeat orders.  By meeting our delivery commitments in this manner, Paramount assures you of not delaying your delivery requirements and reduces your valuable time wasted on expediting.

Cost Savings


Paramount makes every effort to keep your costs as low as possible without compromising our excellent quality.  Being specialists in the industry, we are able to offer economies of size and volume.  Also, our experienced electrical and industrial engineering staff will plan the proper work flow testing methods and production techniques best suited for your requirements.  If necessary , special production fixtures to expedite your work can be fabricated at a machine stop.  Although Paramount always uses the material you specify, assistance and recommendations on lower cost alternatives are available.  At Paramount we put our experience and expertise to work for you to provide economically priced, quality assemblies.

Customer Satisfaction


At paramount every customer is treated as if they were our only customer.  In the past we have assisted in prototype and development projects working closely with our customerís staff.  Also, in numerous instances, we have provided customers with meaningful recommendations that have led to cost efficiencies and product improvement.  At paramount extra special assistance and attention to detail is included with every order, even after the product is shipped.  Every product is backed-up by our service and reputation for years of trouble-free performance in our customerís products.  Our reward for these high standards is repeat business with a long list of satisfied customers.


Made In The U.S.A. 

Our excellent service and superb performance are a direct result of our people.  Every Paramount employee recognizes the importance of his or her individual contribution.

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